About Us


My name is Sharon Lisle, owner of Massage For Holistic Wellness, LLC, doing business under the trade name of Massage In Platteville. I operate a home-based business, by appointment only, dedicated to perfecting the experience and outcome of compassionate and pain-free massage therapy for women.

The fully equipped treatment room, client restroom, and reception area are located just inside the front door; there is no awkward walk through my house to do business with me. I’m able to keep my rates low to make my services an affordable health option.

Sessions can be 60 min. or 30 min., hours of operation are Monday – Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 3:00pm, parking is available in my driveway or on the street. I’m located between UW-P and Highway 151 (mile marker 17) just off of Southwest Road on Edgewood Court.

Why I'm so passionate about massage

After opening my business, I found that almost every female client was suffering from symptoms of chronic stress and feeling they didn’t have time for, or weren’t worthy, of self-care. I too felt like that most of my life. It was at that point I developed a passion for relaxation therapy; putting women on the path to health and well-being. Relaxation therapy relieves pain, lowers stress, feels great, and for that little bit of time on the table, you do absolutely nothing while I give you compassionate care.

Massage reduces stress responses

Cortisol is a stress hormone secreted from the adrenal glands when stress becomes chronic. Long-term high blood levels of cortisol lessens your ability to manage stress, causing your body and mind to experience common stress responses. Some of these responses are: irritability, anxiety, depression, impulsive behavior, diminished concentration, weakness or dizziness, fatigue, tension, nervous tics, easily startled, insomnia, sweating, inability to relax, indigestion, headaches, increased or decreased appetite, increased use of tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol, pain in the neck and lower back, and prone to accidents.

Obtain optimal health and well-being with massage

During massage, the nerve sensors in your skin and underlying tissues are communicating with your nervous system. In turn, your nervous system communicates to your body’s systems, asking them to reach and maintain efficacy (homeostasis). This is why massage feels good right away and for days after a session. Regular massage prolongs homeostasis, increasing your ability to manage stress, and lessening the frequency and severity of pain and illness.

Earn a health reward from regular massage

Regular massage keeps your stress and pain levels in check, making it a wonderful option to improve your quality of life. When you schedule another session within the next month you receive an extra 15 minutes table time at no cost. Approximately 95% of my clients take advantage of this value; together we have noticed remarkable changes in their health and well-being.